Musicals / Stage


Pirates of Penzance

So there I am on officers course – singing at a Cabaret venue in PTA to supplement my Air Force income (conscription years) when low and behold I get invited to come and audition for the juvenile lead Fredrick. I went and got the part! Having never been on a professional stage before.

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Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat

I played the role of Joseph twice @ Artscape theatre in Cape Town.

It was touted as the new Joseph for a new generation and therefore my Brothers were punkrockers! I of course was an innocent angel! (type cast!)

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Jesus Christ Super Star

Playing the role of Jesus was one of the most challenging experiences in my young career (at that stage).

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Phantom of the Opera

What a journey it was to get to know this sad, desperate and lonely man. From auditions in SA – to auditions in London and then finally to get the stamp of approval to play the Phantom from Sir Andrew himself was an experience that dreams are made of!

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Life at Centre Stage

After palying The Phantom – Pieter Toerien and I decided that I should venture into a show where I sing the biggest numbers in musical theatre.

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I have always wanted to play the bad guy in a Panto and when I got offered the role of Aggenee Abenazar in Aladdin, grabbed it with two grimy hands.

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Sound of Music

So after playing Jesus and Joseph and The Phantom I realised that I would never want to play any roles that are not iconic.

This is why I grabbed the opportunity to play Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music.

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